Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about AirPersons.
If you have a question and it's not answered here, feel free to send us a message.

General information

  1. What is AirPersons?

    AirPersons is the immediate way to buy or sell live services or classes.
    Get in touch instantly with doctors, language teachers, computer experts, and many more, through live video.

    There is no limit to the amount of services or classes you can buy or sell. All of this can be done from the privacy and comfort of your own home, office or wherever you want.

  2. How does AirPersons work?

    AirPersons works by enabling people demanding a service or a class to find people from all around the world offering it and connecting them through online video chat.

    We provide the administrative infrastructure to facilitate service and classes advertising, bookings and payments, leaving you free to simply sell or buy services and classes.

  3. I'm having trouble signing into AirPersons

    Here are some things to try if you are having trouble signing into AirPersons.

    If you have just created your account, you must click the link in the email we send to you before you attempt to sign in.

    If you cannot find this email, even after checking your spam folders then please contact us, including your username and we will try and resolve the issue.
    Always try a reboot of your computer first, that often fixes all number of problems.
    Web browsers can end up with local corrupted data which can cause sign in failures. Deleting cookies and your local cache may help Check the date on your computer to ensure it is correct. If this is significantly different to the real date you will not be able to sign in.
    If you are still having problems signing into AirPersons after checking the above steps then please contact us.

    Refer to Appendix II.

  4. Can I both buy AND sell services or classes?

    Yes indeed, here at AirPersons we believe EVERYONE has something to offer or demand!

    All you need to do is create an account with us for FREE! You will then be able to set yourself up as a Service Provider, a Service Buyer or both from the same single account.

  5. I would like to join, what do I do?

    Remember it is free to join! Simply click on the 'Sign up' link and complete the basic information.
    You will then have access to the site, where there are lot of help, tips and guidance to assist you.

  6. I have some suggestions about how to improve AirPersons. May I contact you?

    We welcome any suggestions regarding anything you feel we can do to improve our service.
    For contact information refer to Appendix II.

Technical matters

  1. Are there any browsers, plug-ins or other software required to use AirPersons?

    We support the most commonly-used web-browsers.
    You will need to ensure you have JavaScript (client side scripting) enabled to use our site, this is the default setting in most browsers.
    Adobe flash is required for YouTube videos should you wish to view these. Adobe Acrobat reader is required to read the AirPersons documents.
    You need Adobe Flash Player installed on your device.
    This will not be necessary as soon as HTML 5 is released.

  2. Is my Internet connection fast enough?

    Not all services or classes require a video stream, so if your service or class is voice only you may be able to get it right with 56 kbps (typical landline dialup speed) or possibly even less. If, however, your lesson is conducted using video via webcam, this is likely to be requiring a 64 kbps connection.

    We would recommend much higher requirements than this as quality will be improved.
    A standard ADSL broadband connection should be sufficient for most video streams, but if you want to go 'hi definition' you may require much higher upstream links such as ADSL 2+, SDSL of Fibre broadband connections.

  3. What hardware do I need to use AirPersons?

    Laptop or Desktop Computer (Windows, MAC, Linux OS).
    A stable Internet connection.
    Microphone and speakers. A Webcam.
    We are working on the development of our platform to be used on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

  4. What happens if the Internet connection is disconnected or interrupted during a service or a class?

    If this should happen, we suggest both parties attempt to reconnect and recommence the service or class immediately.
    If it is a network issue where either party are unable to immediately return online, we recommend re-scheduling the remaining part of the service or class at a mutually suitable time.

  5. How do I click the allow button in flash permissions?

    Due to a known flash player bug some of you may have issues clicking on the allow button when adobe flash player is asking for permissions to use your mic & camera, for those of you just do:
    1. Visit this URL: Adobe Settings
    2. In the list of domains look for, & when selected click on the option ALWAYS ALLOW
    3. Refresh the AirPersons where you couldn't click on the allow button and you are ready to go!

User Account

  1. How do I sign up?

    Simply click the 'Sign up' link at the top of the page and fill out the simple form. It is completely free to join and your services and lessons can also be listed for free.
    You need not worry about giving personal information to us, because we will never ask you for it.

    The only mandatory personal information we require from you is your email address.
    We do not need bank details, addresses, telephone numbers or anything like that as all of our transactions are made through well established third party companies such as Pay Pal and Google checkout which only require the use of an email address.

  2. Are time zones important?

    Yes this is very important, especially when it comes to scheduling your service or class with people in another country.
    When you initially sign up with AirPersons you are asked your Time Zone (i.e. the time relating to where you live).

    All bookings are scheduled in the local time, wherever both parties may currently reside.We have worked hard to ensure the time zones are reflected accurately on the site but we are relying on the accuracy of the underlying operating system and users settings. These are not always correct. So it is always a good idea when communicating with other AirPersons members to ask them their time zone just to confirm.

  3. Is it important to upload a profile image?

    Yes, it is very important. We suggest all users should add a profile image as it makes their profiles more personalised.It is additionally important for Service Providers to upload images to their profiles, as this will be automatically and exclusively displayed on our home page for all new visitors to immediately see, giving you and your services an even greater exposure.
    To upload an image, sign into your account, select 'Settings', from the 'My Profile' page and follow the instructions.

  4. How can I terminate my membership with AirPersons?

    Sign into your account, select 'Settings', from the 'My Profile' page and follow the instructions.

    Please let us know the reasons why you wish to leave as this may be useful for us to help improve the site. Refer to Appendix II.

  5. Can I rejoin AirPersons if I previously terminated my membership?

    Providing your account wasn't suspended due of Terms & Conditions violations, you could rejoin AirPersons at any time. However, you will not be able to use your previous username or email account.

Monetary terms

  1. How can I earn my first income in AirPersons?

    You are awarded an amount of AirPersons Credits JUST FOR SIGNING IN.

    You can increase that credit balance by recommending AirPersons to your friends. Import your contacts and you will get MORE AirPersons Credits as they subsequently sign up.
    Once you have completed your profile, if you offer a service or a class you will receive ADDITIONAL AirPersons Credits. (You can always give conversation classes of your mother tongue to other users).

  2. What is an Affiliate?

    Every AirPersons user can join the Affiliate Program to ear money by promoting the site to other people.
    The user needs to place a banner o a link code on any Internet media or site they may desire (web sites, forums, social networks, blogs, emails, etc.) becoming then an Affiliate. These links and code snippets are customised for the affiliate's account. When a user clicks those links a cookie will be created on their computer.
    Every user referred by the Affiliate who successfully registers an account with within 7 days will become part of the affiliate's account. In that moment the Affiliate will gain an incentive. From then on, the Affiliate will earn a percentage (%) of the service commission that this user is charged on the site over 12 months.

    To check the commissions % currently in effect, refer to Appendix I.There is no restriction on the amount of users an Affiliate can refer.

  3. How can I be an Affiliate?

    By the moment you sign up and import your contacts, you become a AirPersons Affiliate and those contacts your Affiliate's Referrals. This way you can make money from the services or classes they buy on AirPersons.

    All information regarding your Affiliate account, your Affiliate Referrals, your commisions and income is private and for you only.(If you wish, you can donate that amount to Click here to learn more about our NGO).

  4. What is my credit balance?

    This is how much credit you have to spend within the site. Any funds added to your account will be reflected within this balance. To add funds you can access the add-funds screen where all available payment methods are shown.

  5. What are the acceptable payment methods?

    Currently we support Visa, Pay Pal and Google Checkout as payment methods.
    You can signup for free with either one, and they are very user friendly. We will add additional payment processors in the future.

  6. What currencies does AirPersons use?

    AirPersons uses in its transactions two types of currencies: CASH money and AirPersons Credits.
    When filling up their profile users can choose in which of the world's currencies they wish to work when using CASH money.

  7. What are AirPersons Credits?

    AirPersons Credits are one type of currency for the Site. When signing up EVERY user receives an amount of AirPersons Credits as an incentive to use the Site for free.

    The Service Provider can freely decide whether to accept AirPersons Credits or not for any offered service or class. AirPersons Credits cannot be converted into CASH money.For more information, please consult our 'Terms & Conditions' page.

  8. How do I check my financial transactions?

    Sign into your account, select 'Balance' where you will then be able to see information regarding all of your financial transactions.

    Here you can check your expenses when buying a class or service and your income when acting as a service provider as well as your Affiliate's referrals income.

  9. If I have questions regarding billing, whom do I contact?

    As credits are purchased via third party companies such as Visa, Pay Pal or Google Check-Out, any questions regarding your billing should first be directed to them.

Buying a Service or a Class

  1. Can I buy services or classes and what can I find?

    No matter what we already may know, we can always learn something new.If you are looking for answers or help on any subject we hope you will find it here.

    You have control of the service or class, you will never have to worry about being left behind or missing a vital piece of information. Ask all the questions you want without fear, and enjoy the experience of learning at your own pace.

    Take a look at our categories, there are HUNDREDS of them.

  2. How do I find a service or a class?

    Use or SEARCH engine - Where you can search for Service Providers by languages spoken, country, sex, expertise, rating, etc. Or check our Bulleting Board with the offers of the day.

  3. Can I find a service or a class for free? (Solidarity services)

    Yes! Just sign up for free and browse and search for those users offering free services or classes.

  4. Can I find Service Providers in other countries?

    YES. With AirPersons you can receive a service or a class from anyone virtually anywhere in the world. If you want to learn a foreign language, you can be taught by a native speaker from that country.

  5. How do I buy a service or a class?

    After you have searched for the service or class you are looking for and you have decided the user you wish to communicate with simply click on the 'Connect Now' button on their profile.
    If the Service Provider is online the service or class will commence right away.

    Should the service provider of your choice be offline at that moment he will then receive an email via the AirPersons internal mail service so you can make an appointment at the most convenient moment for both of you. For information regarding Fees, please consult our 'Terms & Conditions' page.

  6. How do I book a service or a class?

    If the Service Provider of your choice is offline just click on the 'Send Message' button on their profile. This way you will send them an email so you two can communicate and book a service or a class at a time of your mutual convenience.

  7. What happens if the Service Provider does not show up for a booked service?

    We suggest waiting for at least 10 minutes. After which we recommend you contact them via the internal messaging system, in order to arrange the lesson for another time. When rearranging a lesson you can either cancel the current booking which triggers an automatic refund.
    Then book a new service or class in the Service Provider's schedule.

  8. What can I do if I am not happy with the service or class?

    Should the service or class not proceed to your satisfaction you should first contact the Service Provider and explain why you are unhappy and give them a chance to rectify the situation.

    If the service provider's answer doesn't satisfy you, you can leave public negative feedback accordingly.Our users should be as honest with you as possible.

    We expect our users to conduct themselves in a professional manner. It is in the user's interest to strive for positive feedback. If the service provider behaves in a way, which violates our Terms & Conditions you may send us an email with your complaint, we will investigate and act accordingly.
    Please refer to Appendix II.

  9. What are the AirPersons Chat Categories?

    AirPersons allows you to chat with other users just for fun.

    You just need to make a search for users open to chat under a chat category and establish a connection.
    At any point, either user may leave the current chat. You will only be charged the Interconnection Fee, no matter how many conversations you establish in the referred period of time. Refer to Appendix I.

Offering a Service or a Class

  1. Can I be a service provider & what can I offer?

    YES. Anyone can be a service provider as we all have something to offer.

    At AirPersons we encourage people to share their knowledge. If you have knowledge that others do not then you can offer your expertise to others.
    Whatever your particular skill or area of expertise why not offer it to give everyone the opportunity to profit from your knowledge?Even if you think you have nothing to offer you can always be a NATIVE TEACHER OF YOUR MOTHER TONGUE and give conversation classes to other users worldwide. You have nothing to lose and you may find yourself in great demand.

    Offer a service or a class and make money with AirPersons today! Take a look at our categories, there are HUNDREDS of them.

  2. How do I offer my services or classes?

    Sign in or sign up.

    Then go to 'My Services' under 'My profile' and edit the services you wish to offer. There is no charge for any of this. Services are free to list and will remain on the site indefinitely.
    You can edit your services as often as you like.

  3. How much can I charge for my services?

    At AirPersons the Service Providers decide the prices for each of their services.You can charge anything you want per minute.
    You can select this when listing a service or class on the Site. You must choose the currency you want to use. Service Buyers will view your fees converted to their local currency.

    Setting your lesson price too high may deter some students. You may be able to offer online students cheaper prices than you would have traditional face to face students as there are no travel costs involved.

  4. Is it mandatory for me to accept AirPersons Credits?

    No, it is not. But accepting them is an excellent way to begin offering your services or classes on the Site. Since ALL users are awarded a certain amount of AirPersons Credits when signing up, by accepting AirPersons Credits you can be available to every user of the Site allowing them to try your services and rate you, helping you to build a reputation.

    We encourage a 'try before you buy' police for our service providers.Once you have a certain amount of regular users demanding your services and a high-rated reputation you can increase your fees and even start admitting cash only.

  5. Can I offer a service for free? (Solidarity services)

    Yes! Sign in or sign up. Then go to 'My Services' under 'My profile' and edit the services you wish to offer. You can then choose to offer that service for free. You can edit your services as often as you like.

  6. What do I enter in the service Title field?

    When listing services we recommend that you give special consideration to the title and avoid creating duplicate content. Also consider the terms you use when creating your titles. Think of keywords.

    Also ensure that your service title actually reflects the type of service you are offering.

  7. What do I enter in the service Description field?

    Your description on AirPersons are your adverts for your live webcam services or classes.
    You do not need to enter actual service content here, just information about yourself and the service you offer. This can be as formal or informal as you like. If appropriate you can embed Youtube videos showing off your skills or images of yourself.

    Your service description is your chance to shine and stand out from those around you.

    Let the users know why they should choose you! Description quality is a factor we use to decide the default browse and search order, so embedding YouTube videos and writing quality description text is a good idea.

  8. I cannot find which category to place my service or class.

    We spent many hours designing our Categories and Sub-Categories to try to cover as many different subjects as possible. (There are more than five hundred of them).

    Of course, we realise that you may offer a service or a class which doesn't appear to 'fit'. But it sure might be related to one of the existing Categories. We are interested in your feedback and in any suggestions you may have regarding implementation of future Categories or Sub-Categories, let us know what you think.

  9. Can I write my services title and description in another language?

    If you can speak other languages fluently and wish to promote your lessons in multiple languages, simply list the lesson once in each language. This will help service buyers who speak that language to locate and understand your services or classes.

  10. Can I offer my services to users in other countries?

    Absolutely! AirPersons is a worldwide community connecting people via the internet. Service Providers and Service Buyers can meet online regardless of their location.

  11. Can I offer free minutes, how would this work?

    Yes. When you edit or create a new service on the 'My Services' screen you can set the number of free minutes you offer. We believe offering the first few minutes free to be an excellent option.

    Remember this is a new concept and many people will be wary of using the Internet and webcams to learn. There is no better way to put their mind at rest.

  12. Can I advertise as a Service Provider?

    YES. While you are an active user of AirPersons we will keep your services listed indefinitely. We do not charge annual listing fees, cost per click or any other advertising fees for your listed services.We encourage you to advertise yourself outside of the AirPersons website.

    We suggest posting on various Free-Ad sites and within any Social Networking Sites you use. Links to your AirPersons profile from social networking sites can be a particularly powerful way to bring users to the site as these may be friends of your friends and therefore a trust link is already established.
    You can even earn money for the users you bring to AirPersons through our affiliate program, so there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain from this. You can check our Affiliate Program here.

  13. How Can I Make Money?

    You can make money by selling services or classes through AirPersons as often as possible. You set the price for the services you list.

    Prices will vary depending on factors such as your experience, skill, rating, etc. You will be paid for the minutes spent on live chat with you by the Service Buyer. You can also earn by directing students to AirPersons simply by pasting links into any online ads, social networks or other sites you may use.

    Please see the affiliate program for details.

  14. How does a user book a service or class with me when I'm offline?

    We are working on an automatic booking service, the Schedule Manager.
    Until it is completely operational the procedure will be as follows: The service buyer will send you email using the AirPersons internal mail service so you can make an appointment at the most convenient moment for both of you.Once the Schedule Manager is operational you will manage all the demands for your services on the 'Calendar' screen.

  15. What happens if the Service Buyer does not show up for a booked service?

    We suggest waiting for at least 10 minutes. After which we recommend you contact them via the internal messaging system, in order to arrange the lesson for another time.
    In case the Service Buyer does not show up they will be charged the Cancellation Cost you have previously specify on the 'My Services' screen.

  16. What can I do if I am not happy with the Service Buyer?

    In the event where you were unhappy with the Service Buyer, you can leave public feedback accordingly. You are under no obligation to accept future service demands from that user.

    If you believe the user has behaved in a way, which violates our Terms & Conditions, please notify us with the details. We will take actions where necessary. Refer to Appendix II.

  17. How do I check my schedule?

    Sign into your account, select 'Calendar', from the 'My Account' page.

    All information regarding your services and classes schedules are held here. All dates and times shown are set at your local time, i.e. whatever the time would be in your current location.

  18. What happens to my schedule when I go on holiday?

    When you go on holiday your schedule will remain in the original time that you had lessons booked for.
    For example, if you live in the USA and went to UK on holiday, all bookings would be kept in your USA time. Please bear this in mind when you go abroad and if you need to reschedule a lesson, please contact the teacher or student accordingly.

  19. What happens to my schedule if I emigrate to another country or location?

    If you emigrate or permanently move to another part of the country, all existing confirmed bookings, would remain in the original time that you had booked.
    If you permanently have relocated to another country or area with a different Time Zone, we recommend you change your Time Zone settings.

    Remember, that any existing lessons, however, would remain in the original time that they were booked. Therefore, if these times are now inconvenient for you, due to your new Time Zone, we recommend contacting the user in order to reschedule the lesson.

  20. Are AirPersons my employers?

    No. AirPersons are not employers, nor do we have any form of employment contract with you.

    Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details.