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What's AirPersons and how does it work?

AirPersons is a Web site where you can find person-to-person live video-chat consultations, services, and classes via computer or Smartphone. You can find in AirPersons the best professionals at the best prices. We give away $40 worth in consultations, services and classes. Sign up now!

AirPersons is also a great way to make some extra money. Publish your ad for free and make clients worldwide. Download our apps now!

World of AirPersons

What can you do in AirPersons?

You can buy and sell all kinds of online services: live services, classes and consultations through video-chat. Lawyers, doctors, psychologists, language teachers, IT experts. There are more than 1000 categories.

You can also buy and sell fixed-price mini-jobs. Offline tasks offered by our users, like: photo retouching, SEO optimizing, Web positioning, online marketing, your tax return form, a divorce agreement, help with a school subject, anything.

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AirPersons licenses its technology

AirPersons is licensing its video chat with proprietary payment technology. If you manage a local directory of lawyers, doctors, psychologists or teachers, it's well positioned in search results and generates traffic, you can offer your clients a breakthrough new service while opening an additional new line of business. Integrate AirPersons' technology in your web site so your users can offer online video-chat classes and consultations.

You'll make a commission of 50% on each transaction.
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