Help others in your spare time donates 5% of its profit each year to The purpose of the AirPersons Foundation is to install computerized classrooms in remote villages without economic resources in third world countries. Classrooms will be multipurpose and will be used for teaching, traininga and remote consultation with doctors, specialists, teachers, legal counsellors, etc..

AirPersons projects will have a duration of three years each. The goal is that in that time the classroom will get local donations to finance itself, once the community realises of the benefits it brings being in a such support program and receiveing free help from doctors, teachers and other professionals.

The foundation´s goal is to create specific projects and sustain them over time. To do this, combines solidarity jobs with classroom training through the web page to achieve:

  • Telemedicine remote queries
  • Foreign language training support
  • Computer training and programming languages
  • Person-to-person mentoring and tutoring school children
  • The founding ideals of encourage time donations over money donations. asks every user of to donate a portion of their time to help other less fortunate people anywhere in the world.

    If forty doctors give away two hours a week of their time, a village doctor can have eight hours every day of video-chat to consult. I wish we could have a doctor in person in every village, but that’s not possible, costs are high. We believe is the best solution when there are insufficient financial resources. In addition, we expect in not too long the development of new hardware and peripherals for computers such as cameras with built-in high resolution light, portable scanners, etc., which together with AirPersons will allow an almost infinite number of new applications for videochat services.

    What are you waiting for? START TODAY!

    It´s simple, just register, find a philanthropic service advertisement that suits you, and wait for instructions from the person who placed the ad and start helping people.

    If you know someone who might need help, place the ad yourself, and create your own project to help others. Be surprised of how many people are willing to collaborate.You will feel much better.

    No needs to move elsewhere, you can it do from the comfort of your home. No money demanded only asks for a small part of your time.

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