Español Asesoria y enseñanza en Fisica, Matematicas, Humanidades, Biologia, Tecnicas de estudio, literatura

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Colombia Sergio Luis Cardona Valderrama

Asesoria en multiples materias, Fisica, Matematicas, Humanidades, Biologia, Tecnicas de estudio, literatura y otras afines a las anteriormente contadas
Learning Homework Assistance Reading - Writing Study skills Sexual education Waves and Optics Mechanics Electricity and Magnetism Advanced Physics Basic Physics Physics Anatomy Basic Biology Biology Natural Sciences Public speaking Unit Circle Trigonometric Identities Powers and Roots of Complex Numbers Determinants Conic Sections Complex Numbers Complex Number Conjugates Arcs and Sectors Advanced Trigonometry Basic Trigonometry Trigonometry Basic Statistics Statistics Volume of Basic Objects Vectors Triangles and Right Triangles Surface Area of Basic Objects Quadrilaterals Polygons Parallelograms Interior and Exterior Angles Geometric Proofs Area of Basic Shapes Angles and Planes Basic Geometry Geometry L'Hopital's Rule Integration by Substitution Inflection Points Indefinite Integrals Derivatives Derivative of a Function Derivative at a Point Derivative Chain Rule Definite Integrals Applications of Integrals Advanced Calculus Basic Calculus Calculus Unit Conversions Systems of Inequalities Systems of Equations Solving Quadratic Equations Solving Linear Equations Scientific Notation Ratios Rational Expressions Radical Functions Radical Expressions Quadratic Equations and Functions Polynomials Non-real Numbers Natural Logs Math Word Problems Factoring Exponential Functions Exponential Equations Elimination of Equations Absolute Values Absolute Value Inequalities Advanced Algebra Basic Algebra Algebra Mathematics Technology Engineering Professions and Applied sciences Systems science Computer sciences Formal sciences Religion Philosophy Literature Languages and linguistics Humanities Teoría de sistemas Ciencias de la computación Ciencias formales Religión Filosofía Literatura Lenguaje y Lingüística Humanidades


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