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Argentina Noelia Lorena Grosso

Practico la enseñanza de inglés y ciencias naturales desde más de diez años en un clima ameno tanto para el alumno como para mí.
Mis alumnos incluyen a universitarios y secundarios de diversos niveles educativos por lo que me siento muy preparada para instruir y acompañar a las personas para lograr sus éxitos académicos.
Learning Other Homework Assistance Study skills Zoology Botany Waves and Optics Mechanics Fluid Mechanics Basic Physics Physics Van der Waals Forces Valence Bonds Thermodynamics Structural Isomerism Stoichiometry States of Matter Sigma and Pi Bonds Raoult's Law Quantum Numbers Precipitation Reactions Phase Diagrams Periodic Table Oxidation-Reduction Reactions Oxidation States Oxidation Numbers Osmosis Nernst Equation Molecular Models Lewis Structures Le Chatelier's Principle Lattice Energies Kinetics (chemistry) Kinetic-Molecular Theory Isotopes Ionization Energy Ionic Equations Ideal Gasses Hydrogen Bonds Hybridization of Orbitals Geometry of Molecules and Ions Equilibrium Constants for Reactions in Solutions Equilibrium Constants for Gaseous Reactions Electron Affinities Covalent Bonds Chemical Changes of State Chemical Bonding Bond Resonance Avogadro's Hypothesis Atoms Atomic Spectra Atomic Radii Atomic Orbitals Atomic Number Atomic Masses Acid-Base Reactions Physical Chemistry Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Basic Chemistry Chemistry Viruses Viral Structure and Replication Subcellular Organization Structural, Physiological & Behavioral Adaptations Reproduction, Growth, and Development Radioactive Dating RNA and DNA Structure and Function Punnett Squares Protists Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Population Dynamics Phylogenetic Classification Photosynthesis Organic Molecules Nucleic Acid Neuroanatomy Mutation Mitosis and Meiosis Mendelian Genetics Membranes Inheritance Patterns Genetics Gene Regulation Gametogenesis Fungi Free Energy Changes Evolutionary Relationships Evolution Eukaryotic Chromosomes Energy Flow Ecosystems and Biomes DNA Cell Structure Cell Cycle Biodiversity Bacteria Microbiology Anatomy Advanced Biology Basic Biology Biology Natural Sciences Unit Circle Trigonometric Identities Powers and Roots of Complex Numbers Inverse Functions and Equations Infinite Sequences and Series Graphing Trigonometric Functions Determinants Complex Numbers Basic Trigonometry Trigonometry Variance Uniform Distributions T-Tests Student T-Distribution Stochastic Modeling Statistical Graphs Standard Deviation Regression Analysis P-Values Probability Poisson Distributions Permutations and Combinations Null and Alternate Hypothesis Normal Distributions Mean, Median, and Mode Least Squares Regression Inferential Statistics Hypergeometric Distributions Geometric Distributions Gamma Distributions Frequency Distribution Tables Exponential Distributions Degrees of Freedom Chi-Square Distributions Correlations Binomial Distributions Beta Distributions Bernoulli Distributions Analysis of Variance Basic Statistics Statistics Volume of Basic Objects Vectors Triangles and Right Triangles Surface Area of Basic Objects Quadrilaterals Polygons Parallels and Transversals Parallelograms Interior and Exterior Angles Geometric Proofs Area of Basic Shapes Angles and Planes Basic Geometry Geometry Vector Functions Second Derivatives Partial Differential Equations Parametric Functions Multivariable Calculus Monotonic Functions Mean Value Theorem Mathematical Analysis Logistical Differential Equations Limits of Functions Lagrange Error Bound L'Hopital's Rule Integration by Substitution Integrals Inflection Points Indefinite Integrals Improper Integrals Implicit Differentiation Harmonic Series Graph Theory Geometric Series Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Euler's Method Differential Equations Derivatives Derivative of a Function Derivative at a Point Derivative Chain Rule Definite Integrals Continuity Concave Functions Asymptotic and Unbounded Behavior Applications of Integrals Analysis of Planar Curves Absolute and Local Extrema Basic Calculus Calculus Unit Conversions Systems of Inequalities Systems of Equations Solving Quadratic Equations Solving Linear Equations Scientific Notation Ratios Rational Expressions Radical Functions Radical Expressions Quadratic Equations and Functions Polynomials Non-real Numbers Natural Logs Math Word Problems Factoring Exponential Functions Exponential Equations Elimination of Equations Absolute Values Absolute Value Inequalities Basic Algebra Algebra Mathematics Física Química Inglés Matemáticas Biología Ciencias exactas.


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