About AirPersons

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Monetize your free time and earn money

AirPersons is a company with offices in the USA (Palo Alto, CA) and the EU (Madrid, Spain).

In the creation of AirPersons took part a wide variety of former employees and collaborators of several well known Internet companies.

AirPersons is currently in an expansion phase an is actively looking for Venture Capital.

The idea of creating AirPersons came in 2007 when one of the founders urgently needed the services of an attorney and couldn´t make an appointment before seven days. Later on, it was the same story when trying to reach a Medicine Doctor and a language teacher.

What´s the use of the Internet when you cannot get in touch with a professional live and immediately?

That´s how AirPersons came into being. The development took 18 months, its definition and prototype begun in late 2011 and its programming started in February 2012.

AirPersons is a worldwide system designed to help buying and selling services online, available in 32 languages for the more than 2.000 million Internet users.

Pornography and pornographic services are expressly forbidden in the site.

Airperson forbids the use of the site as a channel to express political ideas or using it as a platform for critical review or opinion.

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