AirPersons is actually in an expansion phase and is actively looking for new investors and Venture Capital. If you are interested contact us. Please refer to Appendix II.

AirPersons has a clear and well defined business model, it operates worldwide and is growing exponentially in number of registered users.

AirPersons is a totally new concept, as once were Google, Facebook and Groupon. AirPersons is the first web site where people can buy and sell services online through their web cam, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, all year round.
More than 2.000 million potential customers.

AirPersons is going to revolutionize the services and teaching markets.
Can you picture yourself in ten years time wasting 30 minutes driving and 10 more parking to meet your attorney? Or making that legal consultation via your home TV through AirPersons? Answer yourself.

AirPersons is a revolution in services and education. Good investors invest in start-up companies at the very beginning, not at the end.

If you want to contact us please fill in and send this questionnaire.

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